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To prepare for any eventuality , PA uses a secure payment system . SSL secure server ensures the reliability of your payment ( by encrypting at the time of entry) all personal data that is required to process your request ( names, addresses, emails, bank details) . When transferring via internet , then it is impossible to read . You will notice the https:// (for secure http ) appearing in the address bar and the padlock at the bottom of the page indicating that you are on a secure page . Of course, if you prefer to use more traditional methods ,PA accept credit card numbers by phone at 1-866-630-3660 and check payments. Confidentiality will be respected equally .


  • (PA) will be in my account for either the Canadian Pardon ( record suspension judiciaie ) of the National Parole Board , or Waiver of entry into the U.S. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) , or both or destruction of record, but does not give legal advice.
  • I entitles thePA to communicate with all government departments involved in the process of Forgiveness ieRCMP , local police , courts , and NPB … to complete your file.
  • By completing the online application you give explicit permission to the PA to act on your behalf to request a Canadian Pardon from NPB and / or U.S. Entry Waiver DHS.

I understand that all crime by the applicant during the process of Forgiveness or Waiver will result in significant consequences. And refer my eligibility date and result in a serious extension of the process. I also understand that any delay caused by my actions result in additional charges I will be responsible. Important: Our services are to collect and gather the requested documents in order to prepare the finale file to be submitted to the National Parole Board for the pardon and US Homeland Security for the Waiver. The process of obtaining a pardon or/and a waiver is a complex and multi-stage process. A number of interactions with other services are required during this process (such as the RCMP, the court, the local police, as well as the National Parole Board or DHS), in order to define the specific request. Also the process depends how many charges the applicant has, how old the charges are, how many courts houses involved… In order to complete the services the applicant needs to get his fingerprints and his collaboration in the process is very important to finalize his file.

Note that the process for the pardon OR/AND the Waiver process could take up to 24 months.

The RCMP search could take 120 days or more (check the RCMP Website)

The court process could take 2months to 10 months depends how many charges the applicant had and how old the charges because sometimes the courts do not have the information about the old charges.

The local police could take up to 6 months in the big cities like Toronto, Montreal.

The applicant needs to complete all information and documents requested by PA in order to complete his application.

Canada Pardon Services is not responsible in case the court house or the RCMP search are taking more than the average time.

The monthly payment for each service pardon or waiver is $141 a month, if the payment was declined PA reserve right to take the fall payment for the service in the process.

  • The confidentiality of your file is guaranteed confidential, and PA guarantees the protection of all information and data collected during this process , PA does not assume liability of lost documents when sending or receiving of documents. Canada Post or the driver may be responsible for this loss
  • All fees must be paid for your application to be registered with the National Parole Board . Any failure or delay in payment will result in the closure of the file. The fees paid to the PA are not refundable
  • PA reserves the right to refuse treatment to any folder and change the costs if they have changed from others involved in the process of Pardon and Waiver departments.
  • I understand that the result of the forgiveness process is given by the National Committee and that of the waiver by homeland security and PA has no control over the delays associated with requests for pardon and waiver. I understand that the fast service from us relates only to the processing of the file in our offices (internal) delays in general the process depends on the RCMP, the National Archive , the National Committee , DHS , the nature of the convictions and the number of them.

You are responsible for shipping of all documents and mailings. once PA receives representatives are not refundable fees and disbursements these payments. We only accept the cancellation notice by the bais of this cancellation form . You can not cancel your account via email or phone , no exceptions. Any request on your behalf at the time of application, is subject to a fee of $ 141 to open your file and / or administrative charges, no exceptions. Consumer Law : (4) a provider who is entitled to reasonable compensation under this section may,( a) deduct the amount of reasonable compensation to which the provider is entitled to restitution, if applicable that the supplier must give the consumer under paragraph 96 ( 1) (a ) of the Act . ( b) recover the amount of reasonable compensation to which the supplier is entitled to the consumer. ( c) deduct part of the amount of reasonable compensation to which the provider is entitled to restitution, if any, that the supplier must give the consumer under paragraph 96 ( 1) ( a) of the Act and recover the balance of consumption 

Cancellations are normally processed 48 hours after receipt of cancellation form .If you have a dispute concerning an amount , please contact us by phone (1-866-630-3660) or by email to apply@pardoncanadaservice to solve this problem with the shortest delay, ensure that you include your email your complete name and your phone number . 

If you pay by credit card the refund will be made directly to your credit card this may take 5 working days and if the payment was made by check or money order, Canada Pardon Services will issue a check in your name and will send by post. When you request cancellation of PA services may ask you further information depending on the reasons that led you to decide to revoke your application. I understand that by this cancellation request , I authorize Canada Pardon Services to delete all files and folders that are contained in my file on their servers. This includes deleting all files, paperwork and messages contained therein . 

I understand that I should ask all my documents be returned to my address before submitting the cancellation , if not these documents could be lost. I also understand that once Canada Pardon Services deletes files and folders from their servers , they can not be recovered or sought. I understand the fee structure of PA , and that these costs are only for the preparation of my application and the fee does not include the costs of processing the Parole Board of Canada or the cost of processing the Department of Homeland Security and that these costs can be changed at any time. I understand that the applications activation fee ($ 141) for each service is not refundable. I understand that after 10 days of opening the file, no refund will be made.
PA is Operated by Canada Pardon Service, a recognized agency in pardon and waiver processing with the Canadian federal government and all agencies.